Honey Route XP a Top Tourist Attraction in Ponta Delgada São Miguel Azores

Top Things To do in Ponta Delgada – São Miguel, Azores 2020


Who are us? – First of all, Honey Route XP is a Top tourist attraction in Ponta Delgada São Miguel Island Azores.

As a result, we offer three kinds of programs:

Honey Route eXPerience tourist attraction Ponta Delgada São Miguel Azores
Honey Route eXPerience POnta Delgada

1. The Honey Museum;

2. Honey Degustation;

3. Honey Route Experience: You´ll get all the previously programs with a apiary visit included.

Above all! We are one of the top things to do when in São Miguel Island, Azores.

So, let’s make a Honey Party and Let’s Taste real Honey?

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Ponta Delgada Honey Museum

The Ponta Delgada Honey Museum are open !

The Honey Museum  is a option to questions as: “what to do in Ponta Delgada  city“; “what to do in Ponta Delgada São Miguel when it rains“.

Visiitors at Ponta Delgada Honey Route Museum

The bee lounge exposition and a small video about beekeeping will be displayed. This In-exposition attraction is especially popular among our visitors. With a double-sided, glass hive will provide a window into the world of the honeybees. You can watch the honey bees activities.

We are not so far, 1 hour needed to take a taxi and comeback from Honey Route Museum.

– Can you find the queen? May you might also spot the queen, is not easy 😉

Ticket needed and honey degustation, tea amd biscuits is included.

And we are waiting for your visit!

About Us and How to Help Honey bees

The About us! VS How to help honey bees

So this is more how to help the Honey bees saving the world here, not in Mars Planet  in a deepest coldest cave.

– this article are running-
But we are running from what?
– So, maybe we are running from the “Dark Energy, Dark Matter” and from the “Big Freeze“. And, anyway, the universe will end´s in 3.7 billion years. Mona Lisa and Leonardo da Vinci also will die forever.  So, why we can´t start running away from our beautiful and unique green blue planet?
Because the big news is: we are a live- and our Planet earth are also green and blue! And because here isn’t a B planet and we can’t give up from our home planet.
If there is the same money – resources – trying Mars Planet solutions, aplyed to keep a smile to earth planet. we had a chance. So, because there´s a chance to fullfill our needs in ocean resources and there´s a real chance. But for now ocean are big deep trash container. And the deepest cold universe is life. Why we dont send all our trash in big spaceships directly to no ends universe?
Climateric problems are coming, bring food for everyone can be a real problem. Use of pesticides are killing honeybees.
Ask to your regular food manufactors how they are leading with pesticides. Each one of us can make the difference.
Try to act in How to help honey bees and the solution will come.

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Saving Honey Bees

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