How to Save the Bees

Save The Bees

The About us! VS How to Save the Bees

This is more how to save the bees and saving the world here, not in Mars Planet  in a deepest coldest cave.

But, why we are running?

– Maybe we are running from the “Dark Energy, Dark Matter” and from the “Big Freeze“. And, anyway, the universe will end´s in 3.7 billion years. Mona Lisa and Leonardo da Vinci also will die forever.  So, why we are running away from our beautiful and unique green blue planet?
Because the big news is: we are a live- and our Planet earth are also green and blue! And because here isn’t a B planet and we can’t give up from our home planet.
If there is the same money – resources – trying Mars Planet solutions, aplyed to keep a smile to earth planet. We had a chance. So, because there´s a chance to fullfill our needs in ocean resources and there´s a real chance.

But for now ocean are big deep trash container. And the deepest cold universe is life. Why we dont send all our trash in big spaceships directly to no ends universe?
Climateric problems are coming, bring food for everyone can be a real problem. Use of pesticides are killing honeybees.

Ask to your regular food manufactors how they are leading with pesticides. Each one of us can make the difference.
Try to act in how to Save the Bees with our solution

Adopt a Hive program from the Virtual Beekeeper project