Adopt a Hive Program – The Virtual Beekeeper Project

Adopt a Hive - The Virtual Beekeeper Project

Adopt a Hive Program and You’ll Become a Virtual Beekeeper at your home comfort

Virtual Beekeeper Adopt a hive program

You´ll be able to keep forever part of your hive production.

As a matter of fact, when you sign up to the Adopt a Hive program you’ll choose between a Regular Hive or a Smart Hive, powered by sustainable energy, the beehives are both with 1 webcam.

To summarize the Smart Hive have multiple built-in sensors to follow the evolution of your beehive.

As a matter of fact the Virtual Beekeeper keep’ s forever part of the hive production in the comfort of own home.

In the same way, you can order a hive basket now, with honey and pollen with their unique and exotic tastes.

When you adopt a hive program you can share it by your phone mobile or any Android device

In the first place, when you sign to adopt a hive program you save the bees. The contract pack comes with a webcam included, powered by sustainable energy, placed in front of your beehive.

You can visit it online, whenever you understand it!

And even share it with friends!

Honey Route XP - The Virtual Beekeeper project, Adopte a beehive Program and uses phone mobile or any Android device to share all data

Adopte a beehive Program and you can visit it online

As a matter of fact, you can watch all the pre-scheduled interventions, with your laptop, mobile phone or any other Android device.

virtual beekeeper digital dashboard, with webcam, adopt a hive program project

What You Get As a Virtual Beekeeper & What We Need

Important to realize, this is your opportunity to become a virtual Beekeeper with the adopt a hive program and really help save the honeybees.

A beehive is a profitable activity as you will be able to keep forever 50% of all your hive production. Including pure raw honey, pollen and waxes. In addition you are joining a noble global cause.

Here at São Miguel Island we produce a unique worldwide honey.

The Incense honey is a single-flower honey extracted from the Pittosporum Undulatum plant, commonly named as Incenso.

Pittosporum Undulatum plant. The Incenso Honey comes from Pittosporum Undulatum plant.

The Incenso comes with a short flowering period from February to April. From this flowering results a unique honey, of a variable color between yellow and golden.

It’s a much sweetened flavored honey with typical taste based on the essential oils of incense and a delicate and fragrant odor.

The produced honey will be delivered in 500 grams with a PDO seal which stands for Protected Designation of Origin, granted by the Azorean Government.

Order your beehive or a hive basket now, with honey and pollen and their unique and exotic tastes.

Your beehive will be placed in São Miguel Azores Island

Your beehive will be placed in a property I own, named as Espigão with 1 ha, (2.4710 acres),

(Image linked to Google Maps)

In the center of São Miguel Island and in the middle of the Azorean forest. As can be seen, far away from any type of pollution, a very beautiful place, located in the crater of an extinct volcano, a small islet isolated by two water streams.

This land is heavily forested by Incense, and endogenous trees such as Vinhático. I also intend to plant Manukas and Avocados trees and other honey plants.

Because of COVID-19 pandemics, our local economy is at a standstill and me and my bees are no exception.

So what do I need?

– I need funds to globalize this project and make it big.

In the first place your investment is of immediate return; you can have in a few days at your home the opportunity to taste exclusive honey or even have your own hive and obtain pure honey and pollen for a lifetime, if you wish so.

Check out our Crowdfunding Campaign at Indiegogo

Virtual Beekeeper


How do I adopt a beehive?

In other words, you can do it with the Virtual Beekeeper Adopt a beehive Program. To put it differently, no more fees and you are the owner of your hive for your lifetime.

What it is Virtual Beekeeper ADOPT A HIVE PROGRAM?

Your Regular Beehive have 1 live Bee Cam, located at the entrance of the beehive. As a result, you’ll be able to view your beehive live streaming from DC.

What it is a Honey Route Smart Hive, Adopt a hive program?

The Honey Route Smart Hive is supplied with 1 live Bee Cam located at the entrance of your beehive.

A set of sensors are inside of a smart hive in order to get data about the honey bees colony. The collected data provides to the virtual Beekeeper valuable information.

What?s inside a Honey Route Smart Hive Module?

The Honey Route Smart Hive Module system works with following functional modules:
? Internal (Beehive) Temperature ? External (Beehive) Temperature ? Internal (Beehive) Humidity? Weight ? GPS ? Movement ? Cellular coverage 3G connection

What?s the autonomy of Honey Route Smart Hive?

Is important to realize the Honey Route Smart Hive relies on a solar panel and an internal battery to run the system. In the meantime the solar panel makes sure that system never needs any other source of energy.

In the event of the solar panel never receive any light, under those circumstances, the system can run for 60 days straight on batteries only.

Can others see my hive data?

On the positive side, only you can see the data from your bees.

Can I download my beehive data?

Yes, in addition, you can download csv files of your colonies using an APP.

Is the Honey Route Smart Hive sensor dangerous for bees?

No. The Honey Route Smart Hive System is sleeping most of the time.

Being that, it only wakes up once in every 6 hours, with the purpose of read a few data parameters for least about 10 seconds and then returns to sleep.

With this intention a number of studies have investigated the effects of mobile networks impact on bees. For now, no evidence effects found.

How much honey, pollen, and wax can a beehive produce?

Important to realize, according to official Government numbers, the average production of honey in the Azores is around 15 Kg per hive.

In the long run, many factors that can interfere with honey production.
Without official statistical data: About 2 kg of pollen, and about 1kg of waxes Per hive.

Adopt a Hive - The Virtual Beekeeper Project

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